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Navigation receivers


GeoS-3M® - SMD module

2 * RS232, 14.3х13.7х2.6 mm



GeoS-3® - SMD module

2 * RS232, 22.1х15.9x2.8 mm


GeoS-1M® - SMD module

2 * RS232, 35x33x3.8 mm


GeoS-1®** - ОЕМ module for three-dimensional assembly

2 * RS232 / RS232+ USB, 47х35х9 mm

The modules included in the GeoS-1 series simultaneously use the signals of both GLONASS and GPS. Such a technical solution allows for the resolution of navigational tasks, even under difficult conditions, when the signals of just one system are often not sufficient enough to ensure the necessary result.

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